Air Filter Cover S and S Teardrop Motorcycle Emblem - Brave Spirit, Red Hawk


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3BS-IG4 S&S Teardrop Air Cleaner Brave Spirit III - 4 Color
3RH4-IG4 S&S Teardrop Air Cleaner Red Hawk IV - 4 Color

S & S Teardrop Brave Spirit III and Red Hawk IV - Air Filter Cover Insert Emblems

Zambini Bros MFA's 3-D Art S & S Teardrop Air Filter Cover Insert Emblems are made of a combination of Aluminum, Bronze, and Copper Cast Metallic Veneers. Products are cast with metallic veneers combined with specified colors in a thermoplastic matrix

3BS-IG4    : Brave Spirit - Silver, Bronze, Copper, and Turquoise
3RH4-IG4  : Red Hawk IV - Silver, Bronze, Copper, and Turquoise

The Metallic emblem inserts described here fit the "stretched" S & S Teardrop Air Cleaner covers. 

Emblems for Gilroy Indian S&S attach with screws - included with your order. Brave Spirit III S&S filter cover emblem inserts are approximately 10 x 4.75 inches. Red Hawk IV air filter cover emblem inserts are approximately 10.5 x 5.25 inches.

**Detailed instructions accompany orders**. Also included with each product is Zambini Bros Motorcycle Finishes and Art "Certificate of Product" describing your product and its care, signed by Papa Z.