Air Filter Cover Motorcycle Emblems - Skull Compass IV


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Skull Compass IV - Filter Cover Insert Emblem

Retro motorcycle accessories, Zambini Bros MFA's 3-D Art Insert Emblem is made of Cast Metallic Veneer of Bronze and Aluminum, combined with a thermoplastic matrix of specified colors. Insert measures approximately 4.5 inches in diameter.

Papa Z's Skull Compass IV insert design in Native American motorcycle ornamentation incorporates an old pirate and old school biker tattoo, "As You Are, I Once Was - As I Am, You Shall Be", written in hand inscripted lettering.

We offer three color combinations for our Skull Compass IV. Choose from looking at our photos, then make your selection in the Color Option drop down menu at checkout.

3SC4-A : Silver w/ Ivory (with Pirate / Biker Quote)
3SC4-B : Silver w/ Bronze & Ivory (with Pirate / Biker Quote)
3SC4-C : Bronze w/ Silver & Ivory (with Pirate / Biker Quote)

Skull Compass IV Inserts are designed specifically for Harley Davidson Twin Cam, Indian Polaris, and Yamaha V-Star air filter covers.
Emblems for Harley Davidson attach with bolt cast into the emblem.
Emblems for Indian Polaris and Yamaha V-Star attach with a bead of silicon sealant - not included with Orders.

**Detailed instructions accompany orders**. Also included with each product is Zambini Bros Motorcycle Finishes and Art "Certificate of Product" describing your product and its care, signed by Papa Z.

Zambini Bros Skull Compass IV products incorporate a white finish which will in time turn to an ivory color with exposure to the sun. These desired colors are accelerated during the polishing stage applying buffing compounds prior to product sealing.