Zambini Bros 2023 Holiday Giveaway Nov 15 to Dec 15 2023. Our War Bonnet Tank Set & Fender Ornament could be yours for $75.00

Happy Holidays! Zambini Bros has a surprise for you!!!  Papa Z has decided to let go of a prized possession that he has held onto for years. We are talking about the War Bonnet Gas Tank Emblems and Fender Ornament valued at $1,300.00.

Starting 12:30 am November 15, 2023 until 12:30 pm (pacific standard time USA) December 15, 2023 for every $75.00 you spend (before shipping charges) in our online store,, you will receive an entry for the 4 color, War Bonnet Tank set and Fender ornament.

Your order number is your entry number, for example if you spend $75.00, your order number is entered into the drawing once. If your order is for $150.00 or more the order number is entered into the drawing twice, and so on and so on. You have 30 days to place as many orders as you choose and for every $75.00 spent, the order number is then entered into the drawing.

The amount of times your order number goes into the drawing is determined by the amount of the order and the more entries you have in the drawing the better your odds are of winning the 3 piece set of Zambini Bros Motorcycle Emblems valued at $1300.00.  

It's That Simple  - That Easy - That Fun!! 

Ho - Ho - Ho  Treat yourself or Give a loved one a gift they will never forget!

If you have ever wanted to Brand Your Bike with a Zambini Bros Motorcycle Emblem - NOW IS THE TIME


Once the winner of the War Bonnet Tank Set and Fender Ornament is announced we will then draw three more numbers from the jar to receive other awesome Zambini Bros Motorcycle Emblems.

The Mardi Gras Air Filter Cover and Matching Gas Cap Badge a value of $210.00

Skully Gas Tank Emblems right & left side a value of $240.00

Red Hawk II Air Filter Cover Emblem a value of $180.00

 Winners to be announced December 16th 2023.
We will video tape the drawing and announce the winners at Noon 
(pacific standard time)