Zambini Bros Bolo Tie Collection

Zambini Bros has taken the classic Bolo Tie to a new level with the Papa Z touch. Perfect for Girls And Guys Young And Old, Our Bolo Ties offer a wearable link to our American Indian designs at an affordable price!

 Arrowhead symbolism is rooted in protection, courage, strength, and security. Many Cultures believe that wearing the arrow symbol protects from illnesses and negative energy. Often associated with luck and prosperity, much like the 4 leaf clover, arrowheads are believed to attract good fortune. The Arrowhead is also associated with flight and integrity and will keep you in focus and on track when going through periods of growth and new beginnings.

Each Bolo Medallion is  approx 2 1/4 inch in diameter and made in the Iconic Zambini style, cast metallics mixed with a thermoplastic matrix and buffed to a shine. The beadwork is of high quality beads, in random colors that compliment the Medallion, and are designed to create the look of an arrow leading to the arrowhead. The end pieces are handmade authentic stone arrowheads.

We Offer 3 Styles of Bolo Tie.: Click on the Design Choice then make your choice from the drop down menu for that Design

Sun Sign Thunderbird Bolo Tie - Nine Color Combinations to choose from (pictured)

Mardi Gras Bolo Tie - Four Color Combinations to choose from

Geronimo Bolo Tie - Two Color Combinations to choose from