About Us


Design and Manufacturing 3-dimensional V-Twin motorcycle emblems, Zambini Bros pursues an art for the lifestyle of all bike riders. We offer quality custom products, handmade in the USA, in any quantity as well as Customer Service for installation and care of our products.

Our Reputation is Built on:

  • Unique Products - 3-D Metallic Emblems for your bike.
  • Individual Pieces - every order is hand made in El Cajon, California, USA.
  • Industry Demand - no quantity is too small or too large.
  • Customer Satisfaction - 30 years of customer service and reliability.
  • Worldwide Distribution - we ship our products world wide.

More than twenty years of development with cold cast metallic materials, John and Donna have developed a world wide market for V-Twin aftermarket motorcycle emblems for Riders, Bike Builders, Clubs, and Manufacturers wanting to personalize their bikes.

In addition to making aftermarket motorcycle emblems for individual riders, we can create a 3 dimensional emblem of most any club logo  and Zambini Bros will donate a percentage of sales back to each chapter that locks in the minimum quantity.  


Our Motorcycle Emblems are not solid metal. There are several reasons for this. They would be much more difficult to mount, they would tarnish much faster, and be less affordable. 

All Zambini Bros Motorcycle Emblems are cast using a multi part process. Starting with 90% or better true metallics of Bronze (Gold), Aluminum (silver), and Copper mixed in a thermoplastic matrix. We then buff and hand polish each piece, bringing the metal forward allowing the definition to show.

The finished product is an easy to mount, lightweight, true metallic, 3-D motorcycle emblem that can be gently heated (if needed) with a blow dryer or heat gun and contoured to a perfect fit. This is something that could not be accomplished with a solid metal emblem. 

As we all know, the elements of moisture, air, and sun can tarnish and fade the metallic veneer. To keep your Zambini Bros Motorcycle Emblem long lasting, simply remove it, or isolate it to protect the surface it is mounted on, and recondition with a fine grit steel wool. Then hand polish to its original luster and re-mount. We like to use Pro Black Beauty Brightener and Sealer but any similar polish will work. Simply brush a thin coating over the entire emblem, allow to dry for a minute and wipe off with a soft cloth.

Brand your Bike with our affordable, easy to work with, 3-D motorcycle emblems that will last for years to come.


John Danna - Owner

 Papa Z - Zambini Bros  "Papa Z", as John is known to most of us, has been creating motorcycle art and ornamentation since 1968.

Donna Goulet – Marketing Director and Partner

Donna Goulet - Zambini Bros  Donna coordinates our national and international marketing sales.

River Don – Shop Foreman

River Don Zambini Bros  Working directly with Papa Z, Don insures Customer Orders are on schedule and meet Quality Standards.


Lynne Steinman - Master Caster & Website Management

Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycle Ornamentation Art Emblems Lynne works with Papa Z in the shop casting motorcycle emblems and with Donna in the office, in charge of our website maintenance, product upgrades, photography, and general office duties.

Whistling Don – Web Design Guru & Inspiration

Whistling Don  Whistling Don honors our path, leaving a legacy of Web and Document Control, Photography and Graphics, Good Vibrations, and a great cup of coffee.


- Many of our Motorcycle Emblems are available for both left and right side covers.
- Be sure to list your motorcycle maker, year, and model in the order form "Additional comments" box. Your emblem fitting correctly depends on this.
- Double the quantity when Ordering both left and right side emblems for your bike and be sure to note this in the order form "Additional comments" box.