Unique Motorcycle Gift Accessories - Skull Compass IV Wall Plaque


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Skull Compass IV Wall Plaque from Zambini Bros MFA

A large rendition of Zambini Bros MFA Skull Compass IV design was made as a gift to decorate the home or shop of your favorite motorcyclist. Skull Compass IV Wall Plaques are approximately 8 3/4 inches in diameter and are cast with four small holes to fasten emblem with.
Papa Z's Skull Compass IV insert design in Native American motorcycle ornamentation incorporates an old pirate and early day biker inscription, "As You Are, I Once Was. As I Am, You Shall Be", written in stylized lettering.
Handmade USA motorcycle accessories, Zambini Bros MFA's 3-D Art Insert Emblem made of Cast Metallic Veneer of Bronze and Aluminum, with a color combination of Gold with Silver.

9SCWP : Bronze/Gold with Silver (with Pirate / Biker Quote)

Easy to work with, each Zambini Bros metallic veneer emblem comes with detailed instructions. Also included with each product is Zambini Bros Motorcycle Finishes and Art "Certificate of Product" describing your product and its care, signed by Papa Z.