Air Filter Cover Motorcycle Emblems - Thunderbird IV


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Thunderbird IV - Filter Cover Insert Emblem

Zambini Bros MFA's 3-D Art Insert Emblem made of Cast Metallic Veneer using Copper, Bronze, and Aluminum combined with a thermoplastic matrix of specified colors. Color combinations include Silver with Bronze and Copper, Silver with Bronze, Copper, and Turquoise. Our Thunderbird IV insert emblem measures approximately 5 inches in diameter.

We offer four color combinations for our Thunderbird IV emblem. You'll see that two of our options have a planet, detailed with shooting stars, one with our Z logo. Choose from looking at our photos, then make your selection in the Color Option drop down menu.

3TB4-A3 : Silver, Bronze, and Copper (with Planet)
3TB4-A4: Silver, Bronze, Copper, and Turquoise (with Planet)
3TB-B3 : Silver, Bronze, and Copper (no Planet)
3TB-B4: Silver, Bronze, Copper, and Turquoise (no Planet)

Retro motorcycle accessory Thunderbird IV inserts are designed specifically for Harley Davidson Evolution and Twin Cam, Indian Polaris, and Yamaha V-Star air filter covers.
Emblems for Harley Davidson attach with bolt cast into the emblem.
Emblems for Indian Polaris and Yamaha V-Star attach with a bead of silicon sealant - not included with Orders.

**Detailed instructions accompany all orders**. Also included with each product is Zambini Bros Motorcycle Finishes and Art "Certificate of Product" describing your product and its care, signed by Papa Z.