Harley Davidson Motorcycle Ornament 3 Piece Emblem Set - Celtic Cross


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Celtic Cross - 3 Piece Insert Emblem Set for Harley Davidson

Handmade USA motorcycle accessories, Zambini Bros MFA's 3-D Art Insert Emblems are made of Cast Metallic Veneers of Bronze and Aluminum. Color combinations include Silver, Silver with Bronze, Bronze with Silver, and Copper with Silver. Timing Cover Inserts measure approximately 3 inches, Derby Cover Inserts measure approximately 4 3/8 inches, and Air Filter Cover Inserts measure approximately 4 3/8 inches in diameter.

We offer four color combinations for our Celtic Cross Insert Emblem Sets. Choose from looking at our photos, then make your selection in the Color Option drop down menu

7CCHD-A : Silver on Black
7CCHD-B : Bronze on Black
7CCHD-C : Copper on Black
7CCHD-D : Silver and Bronze on Black
7CCHD-E : Bronze and Silver on Black

Easy to attach, Zambini Bros MFA Celtic Cross Motorcycle Insert Emblem Set includes Celtic Cross air filter cover emblem, derby cover emblem, and timing cover emblem to fit both the Harley Davidson Evolution and Twin Cam V-Twin engines. See our unique selection of Papa Z's 3-D hand sculpted, cast metallic veneer emblem and insert art to Brand Your Bike.

**Detailed instructions accompany orders**. Also included with each product is Zambini Bros Motorcycle Finishes and Art "Certificate of Product" describing your product and its care, signed by Papa Z.

Air filter Cover Inserts attach with provided bolt. Derby Cover Emblems and Timing Cover Emblems attach with silicon adhesive/sealant - not included with Order.